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Mindful Re-Entry

Parole Approved Provider



Upon release, many formerly incarcerated individuals have the intention to stay out of jail or prison and to not recommit crimes or violate their probation or parole.


However, the reality is that many end up going back by doing exactly those things. We believe these individuals lack the tools and skills, as well as the confidence, to survive in the community.


Life in prison is very different from life in the community.


When they were incarcerated, these men and women learned tools and skills to survive their prison or jail life, which requires a different set of skills than it does to be successful in the community.


We provide psychological treatment and teach skills and tools to the formerly incarcerated to help them gain confidence and to be successful in the community.


We offer

  • Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling 

  • Anger Management Group

  • Seeking Safety Group 

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Group 

Dedicated support

When I first met Dr. Nina I felt that I was broken beyond repair.  I was able to, for the first time in my life, learn how to balance my rational and emotional brain, regulate my emotions...  I learned to control my own impulses and was finally able to get my anxiety disorder under control.  Dr. Nina brought to my awareness how there was a huge  disconnect between my brain and body and how to reconnect them so that I could experience and embrace my hurt and pain in healthy ways.  As opposed to trying to avoid or numb the emotional instability I've built a healthy relationship with it...  I call Dr. Nina my psychological samurai.

    -M.T., Male, 49

Nina was an outstanding therapist for me.  She helped me to be less shy in talking about my issues, and she was very understanding about my struggle with mental health and my incarceration history. When I was released from jail. Nina helped me transition into the community with less fear of going back to jail or fear of adapting to an unfamiliar lifestyle. I was fearful of relapsing with drugs but Nina also supported my transition to sober living.  She taught me coping skills for anxiety and relapse prevention. We sometimes role played and practiced together which is very helpful. Since my release from jail, I am striving and successful.  

     -W.S., Male, 39

Parole approved, medicaid, DBT, Anger, skills, trauma, addiction, mindful re-entry
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