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Clinical Supervision

Encouraging Your Awareness

Clinical supervision, awareness, self-care, collaborative, insight, LPC LAC CAC

because we are all human! The job of counseling is based in the interactions between the therapist and client. We, as the clinician, use our own experiences with the client in the moment to gain clinical insight, intuition and formulate decision making. By becoming more aware of what’s going on, we will be better clinicians. However, if we don’t have awareness of what’s actually going on for ourselves and if we don’t take care of ourselves, our clinical insights, intuition and decision making get clouded.


My style of supervision is integrative, cooperative and didactic. I utilize body-oriented, and mindfulness approaches, as well as education if necessary, to support my supervisees becoming more aware of their experiences and interactions with clients.  I can help you in areas such as case consultation, development of your therapist identity, support of your wisdom and knowledge, application of theory in practice, and I will support and emphasize your practice of self-care.  I utilize meditation, visualization and humor in our sessions.


I truly enjoy the relational and collaborative work with supervisees as they bring me challenges, as well as their wisdom. I am honored to be a part of a clinician’s learning journey.

I received clinical supervision from Nina for years. The insight she offers helped me grow as a person and a professional. Her combination of humor and wit is disarming. I was able to gently learn about my blind spots and develop new tools to shine awareness on them and reduce their size. For both clients and clinician, she is adept at recognizing patterns of behavior, naming them, and offering tools to move forward. Nina is creative, experienced, knowledgeable, and insightful. She also maintains high ethical standards. I would highly recommend supervision with Nina if you would like to grow in your skills and abilities!

     -K.C., MA, LPC

I received clinical supervision from Nina while working in a young adult transitions program. In supervision, Nina demonstrated a unique blend of clarity and compassion while holding a broad view of the matter at hand. Her extensive knowledge in the field of addictions was evident as she illuminated clinical issues I had not yet considered. She has great sense of humor as well!

     -S.R., LAC supervision

As a supervisor, Nina helped me both with the direction of my career, as well as creating plans for self-care. My biggest lesson from her was the wisdom of leaning into intensity, as well as trusting my own training and experience to be able to best serve my clients. Further in my career, I continue to reflect on the lessons I learned under her supervision.
     -R.L., LPC supervision

I have a passion for providing individual clinical supervision for those working toward licensure in Colorado as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), CAC (Addiction Counselor Level I-III), or LAC (Licensed Addiction Counselor).


I have been serving as a clinical supervisor since my time as Clinical Director at a young adult transition program. I have also provided supervision for interns and practicum students.


When we meet clients we experience challenges and excitements. Client issues often bring up and trigger our feelings, emotions, and past issues       

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