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Mindful Counseling Re-entry Supervsion DBT Trauma Anxiety Addiction

Being here, now, you are saying yes

to the healing journey you’ve already begun

Welcome to your healing journey

Mindful Re-Entry

We are committed to working with formerly incarcerated men and women who are currently in transition and re-entering their community.

Clinical Supervision

We offer clinical supervision to Master's Level clinicians, licensed or on the way to  licensure.

Counseling Services

Our passion in psychotherapy is working with adults and their family members struggling with behavioral and mental health issues, including trauma and a variety of addictions.


Through mindfulness practice, your mind will learn to be quiet.  When your mind settles down, you will able to see clearly what is in front of you; your choices and options.

You are then able to make choices consciously.


As someone who has seen many therapists throughout my life, I feel like I am fairly qualified to say that Nina was the most productive—not just because of what happened during our sessions, but because of how much changed for me outside of them. 

N.L., Female, 28

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